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She spoke, sometimes, but she lacked the will to rise from her throne.

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She saw no reason to eat, even for the simple distraction of it. Why should she?

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She hungered for something that no food in the Land of the Dead could satisfy. She saw no reason to wander her halls, for they would always bring her right back to exactly where she already was. Even Death no longer visited. The blue-shining Stone of Power sat in her private chamber, untouched. She had looked upon it often, at first, then less and less as the moments passed.

She did not like to think of Loki Laufeyson, of how she had spared his life and how he had only returned to make further use of her powers. The Norns were wise, and she had been foolish. If she ever saw Loki Laufeyson again, she would not be so generous.


A mild commotion near the gate roused her from near-trance. He shoved his way to the front of the line of souls, arrogant as ever, as if summoned perfectly from memory. In-Unga frowned.

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She had thought to banish him from memory. His attempt at a smile turned into a wince. In-Unga blinked slowly, hand still outstretched. Her court remained still and silent.

Her fingers curled.

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Had the Norns chosen to intervene, simply to spite her? Had Death? She wandered out onto the road and stared into the mottled grey sky. The shades around her murmured as she passed, but she hardly noticed them.

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Should she stand in the Grey and scream until someone answered? Anger pricked at her heart - anger towards the Norns, anger towards Death, anger towards Loki Laufeyson, anger towards herself, whoever she was— She turned toward the nearest wretched soul, impulsively placing her palm to their forehead.

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Her posture rightened. That is punishment enough. She walked through her halls again. She held court, cheerless though it was.

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She went to her chambers and closed her eyes and slept - and sometimes, she thought she had almost remembered how to dream. She took the stone from its place and held it tightly, wondering if its master would ever come to retrieve ing crypto friendly.

And when Loki Laufeyson appeared again one day, moments or months or millennia later, the glowing blue stone was already in his hand. In-Unga rose from her bed, alarmed, as light spilled between his clenched fingers.

Perhaps she should feel frightened, but she did not. A mere dream, she was certain, but the stone was gone.

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Uncertainty prickled at her heart. Trust me, said the Trickster. In-Unga took a turn about her withered garden. Fruit grew slowly and surely on blackened branches and vines which bore no leaves, tenaciously striving to exist despite the grim reality that they should not. She paused in front of a pomegranate tree, for that, too, stirred something inside of her vaguely reminiscent of a memory.

She stared at the fruit in silence and managed to bring to mind a flash of color - deep reddish-pink and vibrant - and then it was gone. She plucked it from the tree.

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The pomegranate sat, untouched and ing crypto friendly, upon a silver tray atop the table in her hall for days or weeks or eons thereafter. When I have a curiosity, I can be terrifyingly tenacious.

The corners of her mouth ached as she smiled at him. Rarer still that anyone in the Grey found humor welcome. Loki, however… Loki laughed.

Pelninga parduoti bitkoinus. Komentarai

Do you know of it? We only narrowly missed one another. Here you are. She was sorry to see it go.

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In the meantime… I believe I have an outstanding ing crypto friendly to dine with you? It was the first time she had ever noticed.

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She remembered her thoughts of how to entrap him - to trick the Trickster. Loki Laufeyson did not walk behind her. Loki Laufeyson offered her his arm, and In-Unga took it.

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Dvejetainiai variantai geriausia cpa escorted him through the high halls, across black stone and through labyrinthine staircases designed to keep the more rebellious souls in her domain busy with their endless roaming.

The godling beside her hardly seemed to notice; his eyes remained fixed on her face. In-Unga did her best to resist the urge to return his lingering looks.

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Did he know how badly she wanted to keep him - not as a fading shade, but exactly as he was, flesh and blood and bone? She felt little guilt; she had been patient, and eternity was so terribly long, and she was so terribly, terribly alone. Color bloomed when Loki wrapped his hand around hers, the silver of the knife, the shade of her own flesh, the purplish-red of the fruit.

Her eyes widened. With bated breath, she watched as he took the proffered half of the pomegranate and considered it. Juice ran down his fingers as he dug his fingers into its flesh.

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He plucked one seed and brought it to his lips, then another, and when he had consumed exactly five seeds of the pomegranate, he paused. His eyes seemed to look inside of her soul as he held a sixth seed between thumb and forefinger.

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I have no place in the Land of the Living.